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The time travel




time travel, special relativity, present, future, paradox


Time travel involves moving to a different time than the present, past or future, basically without a movement in space with reference to a local coordinate system. Time travel can be done by a material body that may or may not be a living being, and for which a special device called a time machine is usually used.
Time travel is a recognized concept in philosophy and science, but whose possibility is highly contested, giving rise to numerous paradoxes in both philosophy and science. Time travel is considered by some to be supported by both general relativity and quantum mechanics, but there is a unanimous consensus that it is not feasible with current technology. The issues raised are different for time travel in the past versus time travel in the future.

Author Biography

Nicolae Sfetcu, Romanian Academy

Researcher - Romanian Academy - Romanian Committee for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (CRIFST), History of Science Division (DIS)


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